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Preguntas frecuentes

Aquí podrás encontrar respuesta a varias preguntas que suelen ser frecuentes, de todas formas si tu pregunta no figura entre ellas no dudes en hablar con nosotros directamente.

  • How do I add a new question and answer?
    To add a new question, follow these steps: Click the Manage FAQ button From your site's dashboard click 'Add' and then choose the 'Questions and Answers' option Each new question must be assigned to a category Save and publish You can always edit your FAQs, reorder them and select other categories.
  • Can you insert an image, video or gif to my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media content, follow these steps: Enter the app options Click Manage FAQs Create or choose the question you want to add media to When editing your answer, click the image, video, or gif icon Add the content from your library and save the changes.
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